“Clue” reimagined

While we spend most of our summer days enjoying the outdoors, sometimes we need an indoor escape from the heat or rain. Our family version of “Clue” isn’t a mystery board game, but a treasure hunt guided by self-made picture clues of objects or parts of objects around the house.

We each took a turn drawing several clues on small pieces of cut up printer paper, which led us on a hunt through the house that ended in finding a small reward (i.e., a lost toy). No need to spend a long time drawing—5 minutes should suffice. Part of the fun for my kids was offering me hints, while giggling with delight, as I tried to decipher which piece of furniture or toy the picture depicted. My favorite clue was my son’s third one–the unicorn horn of my daughter’s giant stuffed animal. When I recognized it, I was surprised by his creative choice.

This game, which kept us constantly moving around the house, engaged intense curiosity about how we can simply and quickly draw objects, how we string clues together on a path through the house, and how we all naturally focus on different objects around us. For older kids, write out clues instead of drawing pictures.


  1. Cut printer paper into quarters.
  2. Draw out 8-10 clues that move you from one part of house to the other.
  3. Place your clues and set a starting point near clue #1.
  4. Laugh and have fun as you hunt for all of the clues!